With the recently developed RTLS technology by TrueSEEN, you can realize Location/Tracking applications indoor and outdoor seamlessly.

TrueSEEN offers an easy way for Real-Time-Localization of objects or persons inside a dedicated area. With the RTLS technology, TrueSEEN combines the energy efficiency of wireless sensor networks with the dynamic object tracking of common RTLS systems.

Application scenarios range from object localization of small objects in private areas (keys, smartphones or pets) to Localization of big objects in industrial environments. Seamless indoor-/ outdoor scenarios can be realized.

Based on user preferences or environmental conditions TrueSEEN offers customer specific solutions of their RTLS technology combining sensor-actuator networks with location tracking. Parameters like a battery lifetime, position accuracy, update frequencies, secured sensor data & actuator communication as well as interfaces, handling and visualization are used to provide an optimal solution for each customer.

TreuSeen Advantages & features

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Product components:

The Badge Advantages

This IOT device is a tag on badge, is a mobile sensor platform, communicating and measuring within the radio covered localization area.

Real-time Tracking

Document movement patterns of badge-holders in real-time. Prevent someone gets lost. Assure immediate assistance when it matters.

Detection of Presence and Events

Detect when individuals entering or leaving dedicated areas. The indoor geofencing works continuously without readers at gates or doors. In the event of a sudden fall or a shock an alarm message will be triggered automatically.

Micro-Navigation and AI path

Find your destination straight in unknown buildings and facilities by navigation icons on the badge display.


Get short messages on your badge. Call for assistance or confirm work orders, location aware advices or status changes by double tapping.

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Anchors and Gateway

The anchors are fixed sensors covering the localization area with a radio network for communication and multilateration. The TrueSEEN Gateway is a communication hub running the positioning applications.

How it works?

Anchors are fixed devices in a RTLS system. Their main function is to receive blinks from location tags and forward them to the location server – TrueSEEN Gateway . Then TrueSEEN Gateway performs wireless synchronization of anchors and calculates the tag position using the location method TDOA (time difference of arrival).

Through their air interface, anchors support bidirectional payload (e.g. sensor data or messages) exchange between the location server and the individual tags.

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With our TrueSEEN solution, having an eye that can manage your entity's main processes and cost/prof centers is no longer a dream.

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Healthcare Solution

Provide optimal care for your patients save more lives and reduce cost.
TrueSEEN™ significantly reduces the search time for tools, materials and clinical equipment by providing the location and object environment information...

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Industrial Solution

Enhance your value chain efficiency & boost your profitability
Since the start of the industrial revolution businesses have always wanted to increase their value chain efficiency...

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Oil & Gas Solution

Enhanced Safety, Security, Productivity and Efficiency in the Toughest Environmental Conditions
Working in remote and often harsh conditions means you face many challenges in managing safety..

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Public Safety & Health Solution

The Government is to the public what parents are to their children. It has been entrusted with the security, livelihood, health and wellness of the people.When it comes to the Public Safety...

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TrueSEEN Edge computing system

TrueSEEN Edge Device uses the processing power of IoT devices to filter, pre-process, aggregate or score IoT data. It uses the power and flexibility of TrueSEEN Cloud services to run complex analytics on those data and, in a feedback loop, support decisions and actions about and on the physical world.

TrueSEEN is much more than having computation and data processing on IoT devices. A fundamental part of it is the strong and seamless integration between IoT and Cloud; between the physical world and the world of computation.

When we talk about TrueSEEN, then we talk about light software so light hardware also, our hardware designed to fit the idea on the direct need, but you could use the TrueSEEN as a software on your own devices or servers with any type of OS you use.

We have another generation of TrueSEEN Edge Device it also runs full-fledged operating systems, but they typically have unconstrained power supply, more CPU power, memory, and storage. it can act as intermediaries between the Cloud and Edge Devices, possibly offering additional location management called TrueSEEN Edge Gateway.

Not only this, TrueSEEN Edge Gateway gives proper encryption with the network flow and data transmission. The data flowed through it is in the higher order that is protected by using latest encryption techniques. You can assume it like an extra layer between the cloud and devices that filter away the attack and illegal network access.

The last main component of our TrueSEEN IoT Edge Computing system is the TrueSEEN Edge Sensors, so they are special purpose devices which do not have general purpose processors or operating systems. They are connected to Edge Devices or Gateways directly or via low power radio technologies.

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The TrueSEEN software can simply be used with any browser. Included is the mapping and tracking of badges. The visualization is in real-time and represents different Badge states. TrueSEEN software is all-in-one software package enabling smooth installation, deployment, maintenance, and control of the system. There is no more toolboxes or Add-ons you need. All you need is prepared as one box.


TrueSEEN Indoor Tracking enables the specific positioning of individuals and mobile products in enclosed buildings. Tracking and locating aids safety facilities in their tasks and various other use cases can be driven.


The Indoor Tracking & Tracing & Monitoring & Emergency Management solution from TrueSEEN enables the positioning of individuals and mobile devices inside enclosed buildings. Situations may occur, especially in safety and sensible areas involving emergency cases of all kind of sites and airports/industry etc., where a control room needs to be in permanent synchrony about the whereabouts of individuals. Indoor tracking is therefore the complement to mainstream monitoring systems, as it provides immediate information on the location of a person/device. Within a in-house tracking center, you can determine the positions in seconds and even get a complete overview of the locations of all users allowing all kind of further use-cases. The system closely observes the movements of tagged personnel and when emergency events are detected it generates responses to provide navigation that leads people to safe places.


Airports, Railway platforms and hospitals. Furthermore also manufacturing, distribution & logistic, oil&gas and mining sectors also use these solutions to avoid accidents.

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